2038 S. Pontiac Way, Denver, CO 80224 - (303) 759-9921

Library Hours
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 10am - 4pm
Tuesday: 10am - 4pm
Wednesday: 10am - 4pm
Thursday: 2pm - 8pm
Friday: 10am - 4pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm
2013 Vermeil Award
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Main RMPL Contact Information

Address   2038 S. Pontiac Way, Denver, CO 80224
Phone   (303) 759-9921
Email   rmpl@qwestoffice.net

Officers and Members of the Board

President   Sergio Lugo
Director of Operations   Don Beuthel
Vice President   Jim Kilbane
Corresponding Secretary   Roe Emery
Recording Secretary   Paul Lee
Treasurer   Robert Blatherwick
Directors   John Bloor
Steve McGill
Dalene Thomas
David Weisberg
Don Dhonau (Director Emeritus)

Primary Responsibilities

Librarian   Ellengail Beuthel
Editor Scribblings   Ron Mitchell
Membership   Roger Rydberg
Sales   Howard Benson
Sergio Lugo
Webmasters   Travis Searls
Roger Rydberg
Online Checkout   John Bloor
Volunteers   Don Beuthel

Section Curators

Maps   Steve Schweighofer
Periodicals   Mike Milam
Vertical Files (Clippings)   Paul Albright
Special Collections   John Peters
Russell Powers

Standing Committees

Acquistions   Jim Kilbane
Outreach (Adult)   Vacant
Auctions   Dave Weisberg
Publications   Sergio Lugo
Historian   Dalene Thomas
Technology   Roger Rydberg
eBay Sales   Paul Lee
Stamp Show Coordination   Dalene Thomas